Blog series: GUESS WHO COMES FOR… a coffee break?

Guess who comes for a coffee break?

Guess who comes for a coffee break?

Welcome to my coffeece, readers, followers, friends, and colleagues!
What’s a “coffeece”? Well, it’s an office where you can drink coffee. 🙂 Easy, isn’t it?
I’d rather say that it’s a small place where you can have a relaxing chat over coffee.

As many of you know, I’m a coffee lover and I also am a curious person, so what happens when you mix up coffee and curiosity? You have the ‘Guess who comes for a coffee break‘ series.

What’s the series about?

The series aims at introducing people coming from and working in the world of language and translation. As a supporter of and a believer in a proactive, positive approach to life, which lies in the basic idea that we should be as honest as possible when it comes to working together, I want to show you the true colours of a bunch of colleagues I carefully selected. I know them in person (or not – yet! 😉 I hope that I will meet them soon!) and I think they are real influencers and inspiring souls.

They will be my guests week by week and will tell you all their deepest and darkest secrets. *chuckles*
Are you ready for that?
So… why don’t you come?
Take One Sec and have a break. Join us for a coffee.

Follow the hashtag #guesswhonesec to be always updated on the news and the upcoming interview.

See you soon,

I will be waiting for you!


Featured guests:

[ 2015 ]

#1 • Valentina Ambrogio of Rockstar Translations part 1part 2

#2 • Emma Becciu of Knotty Translations part 1part 2

#3 Giulia Carletti of Words of Nona part 1part 2

#4 Brenda Galván of Tradubeledi Translations part 1part 2

#5 Caroline Alberoni of Alberoni Translations part 1part 2

#6 • Martine Moretti of Moretti Translations part 1part 2

#7 • Clara Giampietro of Winged Translations part 1part 2

#8 • Marta Prieto of Calambur Traducciones part 1part 2

#9 • Alina Cincan of Inbox Translation part 1 part 2

#10 • David Miralles Pérez of Circa Lingua part 1part 2

#11 • Alessandra, Emmanuele and Manuela of Langwich part 1part 2

* * * * * * *

[ 2016 ]

#12 • Caterina Saccani of CSSTranslations part 1part 2

#13 • Lloyd Bingham of Capital Translations part 1part 2

#14 • Nora Torres of Translartisan part 1part 2

#15 • Sofia Polykreti of earthlang part 1part 2

#16 • Chiara & Barbara of doppioverso part 1part 2 (Italian)