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Welcome back to our weekly appointment with outstanding professionals working in the field of translation and its related branches.
Let me warmly thank today’s guest, my beloved e-friend and colleague Brenda – Hi, dear! Thank you so much for being here and having your coffee break with us!
Here’s your Moroccan mint tea, which is absolutely perfect for your interview. I think it’s really appropriate considering your love for the culture and the people of the country. 💛
I’m pretty much excited of introducing you to our audience.
You are the first guest I haven’t met in person yet, but we have been e-friends for more than a year now. I think you are a sweet and supportive woman and you have a lot to show people. They can draw inspiration from you.

Are you ready? You are going to answer the six sets of questions covering a wide range of topics. Today, we start with your personal profile, your hobbies, and your tech attitude. Readers shall wait until Thursday to discover the rest of the interview. 😉

Kick back and enjoy your tea…


• What’s your full name?
Brenda Liliana Galván.

• What do you do for a living?
▷ I’m a freelance EN<>ES, FR/ES>EN translator and EN<>ES interpreter.

• When is your birthday? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with this question, so if you like I just would like to know your birth month or at least your birth season…
▷ July 13th.

• How tall are you? (*We all know who is taking notes…*)
▷ 5’ 3” (around 1.62 m).

• Zodiac – what’s your sign?
▷ Cancer. (*Read the interview of my other guests born under the sign of Cancer: EmmaGiulia*)

• Where do you live?
▷ I was born in Matamoros, México. Then I moved to Brownsville, Texas when I was a teenager and eventually moved to Corpus Christi, TX (by the way: I used to live temporarily in Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain when I was an exchange student).

• What’s your favourite colour?

• When you were young what would you like to become when you grow up?
▷ Hahaha😁 so many things. When I was a child, I used to say that I wanted to become a singer, a furniture seller, a cop, or work for the Red Cross 😂 *lol*. Then when I became a teenager, I was divided between being an accountant or a Spanish teacher. Once I was in the university, I realized I didn’t feel complete and that I needed to combine my passion for languages and cultures, so I did my best to become a translator and interpreter.

• Do you like animals? Have you got any pets?
I love animals! I have a lutino pied cockatiel called Brunita. I have two more cockatiels (a white-faced cinnamon pied hen and a white-faced cock): Nandi and Angel, but they stayed in Brownsville, TX with my parents because they can’t live without my dad (traitors 😂 *lol*).


• Coffee or tea?
Both! I can’t live without both coffee and tea.

• Day or night?
▷ Night.

• Sea or mountain?
▷ Sea.

• Early bird or namastay in bed?
Namastay in bed 😂 *lol*… I’m a bit lazy sometimes.

• Have you ever played an instrument? If yes, which one? If no, have you got a favourite instrument or would you like to learn how to play one?
▷ When I was in middle school in Mexico, I had to learn how to play the flute for a mandatory course, but I only knew the basics. Years later, I tried to learn guitar for a high school course in Brownsville, but I just couldn’t play and sing at the same time. So I just can do voice, no instruments. 😊

• What’s an absolute must when you go out or travel? (Something you wouldn’t ever leave at home)
▷ My meds, debit/credit cards, passport and ID cards, and basic beauty products.

• Favourite food
▷ Middle Eastern.

• Do you like cooking? If yes, what’s your specialty?
I love cooking and it totally helps me release my stress. I guess I don’t have any specialty, but you should ask my husband since he’s the one who loves my cooking. haha 😁

• Sneakers or heels?
▷ Heels, sandals, flats, and ballerinas.

• Sporty or lazybones?
▷ Lazybones. I need to be sporty again.

• If you like them, which is your favourite board game?
▷ Domino and Serpientes y escaleras.

• What’s your favourite book and the last one you read/you’re reading?
▷ I love La Reina del Sur by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. I’m currently Reading two books:  The Holy Quran  and  The Business Guide for Translators (Marta Stelmaszak).


• Do you consider yourself a geek?
▷ Sometimes. 😛

• Pc or Mac?
▷ PC.

• If you have a smartphone, Android, iOS, or Windows?
▷ Android.

• If you use social media, which is your favourite one?
▷ Twitter.

• Are you a gamer?
▷ No, but I like Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. 😀 Is that weird?

Nope! I surely don’t think it’s weird at all. I used to play Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter, too. It’s not a secret I’m [still] a gamer and I’m quite competitive when it comes to play in a tournament. I’m not going to start this, because I have tons of funny stories to tell you and our time is up. I will tell you about my passion for videogames someday, I promise.
As far as our interview is concerned, we will be back on Thursday!
Don’t worry, we will resume our lovely chat from where we are up to today.

Brenda and I will be here waiting for you in my coffeece.

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Who’s Brenda? ▷ Brenda is a Mexican freelance ES<>EN, FR>ES/EN translator and ES<>EN interpreter based in Corpus Christi, TX. She is specialised on Immigration, Legal personal documents, Healthcare/Medical, Foreign Affairs, and Hispanic Marketing, and has special interest on Islamic Studies and Cultural Mediation. In 2013, she founded Tradubeledi Translations and that same year started her blog. Latina of Moroccan heart, food lover, and human mamma of a bird celebrity: Brunita. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.