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Welcome back, friends, followers and colleagues! I am so happy to find you here. 😊 It’s eleven o’clock, people! Are you ready to share your coffee break with us?
Alina has already taken her seat next to me; we are going to have a lot of fun here. Buckle up!
We had a taste of how nice is this lovely girl, but today I predict it to be even better.

In case you missed the first part of the interview with Alina, you can find it here.

Coffee in one hand, papers in the other. ☕ Let the show begin!

• If you are not doing it already, which language would you like to learn?
▷ I have started learning Portuguese.

• Favourite idiom
▷ I think the French have the best idioms. One of my favourite ones is: Est-ce que je te demande si ta grand-mère fait du vélo? Literally, it translates as: “Do I ask you if your grandma rides a bike?” In other words, it’s a great way to tell someone to mind their own damn business. 😊☺

• Favourite saying
▷ None springs to mind, so I probably don’t have a favourite saying.

• Have you got a motto?
▷ ‘Live and let live’.

• Does your name have any special meaning?
▷ ‘Noble’ in Arabic apparently.


• Favourite genre of music? Name your favourite singer or band
▷ I listen to different genres, depending on my mood. I like rock, but also pop for example. Linkin Park, Queen, Adele, Michael Jackson – to name a few of the singers and bands I like.

Best concert ever you participate in. Name the band/singer and the place.
▷ I don’t go to concerts; I don’t like very crowded places.

Can you share a song that is important for you?
Garbage – The World Is Not Enough.

Favourite tv series – if you have one

Are you a shipper?
▷ No, though I remember rooting for Mulder and Scully in the X-Files.

Favourite film – if you have one
I am more of a book person.

Favourite actor and actress
Johnny Depp. [ **Who could disagree?** ]

Celebrity crush
▷ Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, Matt Bomer. 😊 [ **I see… 😜** ]

If you were a Disney character, which one would it be?

Do you like musicals? If yes, which is your favourite one?
▷ Yes. The best one I went to was in London, two years ago – We Will Rock You.


Have you got anyone inspiring you? If yes, who is your role model?
▷ I don’t have a particular role model per se, but I do try and find inspiration in people I admire, too long a list to write it here. 

Describe yourself in 3 words
▷ Chatty, friendly, energetic.

• If you could leave right now, where would you like to travel?
New York.

Write something about yourself you are truly proud of
▷ I can speak/understand 5 and a half languages. 😊 And I am proud to have learnt 2 and a half of them by myself.

Give an advice to your younger self
Listen to your heart more and don’t be afraid of challenges.

Have you got any tattoos? If yes, has it/have they any meaning?
▷ Yes, one. It’s a Buddhist symbol, part of a mantra, but its meaning is pretty complex. It can be summed up as ‘strength’.

Where would you like to live?
London is OK for now, but New York is also a dream.

• If you were on a desert island, what would you bring with you? Name three things and say why you would picked them.
My Kindle so I can read and not get bored, a water filter (the kind that makes any sort of water safe to drink) for obvious reasons, and a knife – can be used as a tool (to cut food) and as a weapon if necessary.


If you could meet an important/famous person, who would he/she be?
Queen Elizabeth II.

What would you ask him/her?
I’d probably be speechless (which is a rare occurrence in my case). I’d just love to meet her in person, that would be enough.

It has been absolutely amazing! You are such a smart, chatty woman, Alina! As I said yesterday, I had this extremely positive feeling about you – it was like I knew you were a kindred spirit. I wasn’t wrong. It is wonderful!
I love your energy, your way of acting and being proactive. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your true colours with us. I had a blast talking to you. There is a sort of spirituality revolving around you. I hope that our readers can feel it, too. 😊 Please, keep your placid, serene temperament. I think you should teach me how to control myself more. (It seems like I am always in a hurry!)
Come back anytime, it would be my pleasure to put you up! Thank you-thank you-thank you for coming! 🌟

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Who’s Alina? ▷ Alina is a former teacher, translator and interpreter with over 10 years’ experience, now Managing Director at Inbox Translation and a conference speaker. She is a language geek who likes to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry. When not writing on the company’s award-winning blog – “Closer Wor(l)ds“, she is writing on other people’s. She also has a soft spot for sushi, make-up, shoes and owls. You can get in touch on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn