Hi, everyone!
I know what you are going to say: “Oh, no! Again! Another post on New Year’s Resolutions!”
Yep, here it is!
As it happens every year, there is this urgent need to write down what we would like to achieve in the forthcoming new year – starting tomorrow, but, actually, 1st January is just a day like any another.
But, I want to be as positive as I usually am, and I want to quote what I wrote last year speaking about my NY’s Resolutions for 2015.

Every year I find it harder, because I know that I would like to achieve, learn, gain, discover, live more and more than I can get eventually. However, life is strange and, sometimes, we just get what we deserve. Somebody calls it “destiny”, somebody calls it “luck”. As far as I’m concerned, I just think we should be just call it only “life”, because both in good times and bad times there’s something new to discover, which will lead  us to know ourselves better. Life teaches us how to proceed. So, I’m very grateful for the bunch of lessons taught by experience, people I met, challenges I [won and] lost, and meaningful goals I achieved. I’ve been living my 2014 trying to do my best.

Firstly, I set some goals. Indeed, I wanted to write more on my blog, so I gave it a try. My blog was very sad and I didn’t know how to properly use it or how to manage it. Now, there are a lot of people landing here every day, people who give me good advice on writing and freelancing. It’s a sharing place, I like it! It was a little goal to achieve, but it was my starting point. [ **I am proud of my blog series “Guess who comes…” – I couldn’t be happier, actually. I want to thank all the guests who already took part in the series and visited my coffeece. You are special! You put your trust in me, you helped me pioneering this idea and it has been working so far. THANK YOU! I hope that it could be as interesting as it has been until now next year. ** ]


I attended some webinars and online courses, as I wanted to go deep into different topics. It was good, because you can share opinions with other attendees, and the teachers are very pleased to answer all your questions anytime. I met reliable professionals this way.


That said, I’m very proud of my 2014. I wish I could spend the forthcoming year improving my skills and shaping my professional path (and shaping myself accordingly).

Why did I quote this part? Because this is what I should write again about my 2015.
It has been a precious, amazing, unforgettable year. I enjoyed every single day as it was the last one. I am not lying, I’ve been living my “sabbatical year” trying to get the most out of every day. I did my best until a couple of months ago.
I was struggling a lot about my job, about freelancing, about a big project I carried out and that was dropped after the delivery and never paid. I felt miserable and unprofessional. I felt like my whole world was crumbling down, but, life is tough and I am tougher. I started thinking I wasn’t good enough to be a translator, a copywriter, and also an editor. I thought I couldn’t make it in the end.
Then, one day, I met a couple of amazing and loyal colleagues – which now I proudly call friends – who helped me through the hardest time I ever experienced.
They are still by my side. You know who you are, and you know how much I care for you. I hope that this tie bounding us will last. I will do anything I could to make it last.
As Alanis Morissette sings in her popular lyric “Thank You“, “The moment I let go of it Was the moment I got more than I could handle The moment I jumped off of it Was the moment I touched down,” and it was exactly what happened to me.
I was walking through a “professional” fog, not knowing what to do or how to do that, but those wondeful souls helped me see the bright side of what I had already gained and I could achieve again. I am trying to practice what I preach, which seems harder than I expected, but I will make it eventually. I know I can, because I need to love myself and who I am exactly like I do with my friends and my beloved ones. I need to see myself like I see the others. I need to believe and trust the process. It’s easy, I know how to do that, I just want to relax and see what happens next.

This sabbatical year has helped me finding myself again. I feel more confident about who I am (as a human being), but I am still trying to find a balance, which is one of my resolutions for the next year (for tomorrow, actually LOL).
I’m so lively, active, and proactive that I lose my focus. Sometimes it’s like life speeds up and I can’t follow the flow. I don’t have to. I just have to keep it simple and walk at my own pace. I don’t need to rush things. Time will give me the answers I need. I just need a starting point. I have one, therefore I can go on. Let’s do this, 2016! 💜

Well, let me quote another part of the aforementioned post.

Here’s my list of New Year’s Resolutions :

To trust my gut and be more confident; [ Half-done – Need to work on it more ]

To finish reading all the books I bought as Christmas gifts. They are written by my colleagues, so I do need to save time to finish them and write a little review; [ Half-done – Need to catch up with two out of five or so… ]

To improve my writing skills; [ ✅ Done ]

To enhance my brand by completing the website and marketing more; [ ✅ Done ]

To write a good business plan (with a little help from my friends/colleagues); [ Half-done, need to revise it! LOL ]

To attend the courses I already scheduled; [ ✅ Proudly DONE! ]

To attend a translation conference or even a single event for translators; [ ✅ DONE and pass with merit! ]

To find new clients by promoting my professional services, applying the “secrets” I’ve been learning so far; [ Half-done ]

To save time regularly to help my friends, followers and colleagues, being available for suggestions and chatting; [ ✅ Done, but still working on it ]

▷  To put myself first, because I need to focus on what I want to become and achieve. I won’t let anyone steal my progress to realise their plans. I pictured my professional future in my mind, I’m working hard to make it real. I won’t give up!; [ Done-Fail-Working on it 🙂 ]

▷  To stop worrying about tiny, silly things like a missed call or answer. Everything has its [right] time. I need to take mine!; [ Once again… Done-Fail-Working on it 🙂 ]

To keep on training both my mind and body. I love to work out: it helps me concentrate and release stress staying healthy. [ ✅ Successfully DONE! Keep on doing it in 2016! ]

Destination Future.

These were and still are my resolutions.
They are the projection of what lies in my head and I would like to accomplish in 2016.

I won’t give up! I won’t stop working on myself and my business. 🙂
I want to achieve what I really want, and I will do it. I will work for it.

What about you?
What do you think about your future?
Have you already written down your list?
How do you see yourselves in the next 12 months?

Drop me a line if you want, we could share some thoughts about it! 😉

 Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration and a sparkling start to the New Year!



See you in 2016!
Again, actually, see you tomorrow! 😉